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Jim Carey in scene from "The Mask"

Rolling Stone's Song about Lambeau Field

Packer Touchdown Song
("I Don't Wanna Work...Bang On The Drum All Day" live)

OK...Quiz time:  This 1968 song made it to #16.  No color tv yet?  The lead guitarist is....
(answer at the bottom of this this is not "Paul Revere & The Raiders")

Funny Impressions by Frank Caliendo

        "Karaoke for the Deaf"  
      David Armand of The Hollow Men Group

                                            James Brown 
                     Night Train (no not "Night Train" Lane)



        I like this song....I'm so sorry.....



                                                                           Here's a collector's item from1971...
T.Rex doing "Get It On"
(later renamed "Bang A Gong") before lead singer and "glam rock" founder Marc Bolan died in a car accident at age 29.  He was always afraid of cars and never learned to drive.  His girl friend wrapped their purple Mini around a tree at 5 am.  Bolan was the first to use wacky silver make-up...later made popular by the 2:48 mark you'll also see the tongue move that later was claimed by Gene Simmons as a another trademark of Kiss (which formed 2 years after this song was a hit).  Kiss guitarist Paul Stanley even used the same "Flying V" guitar.  Ironically, after all the copying they did from this dead guy, Kiss will sue you for the slightest potential copyright infringement.  If you look closely at this video, a young Elton John is playing the piano...              

Gene Simmons (Billboard Magazine November 12, 2007): "Every little college kid, every freshly-scrubbed little kid's face should have been sued off the face of the earth."  Too bad Marc Bolan didn't sue Gene Simmons off the face of the earth.

Stevie Ray Vaughn:  doing Jimi Hendrix's "Voodoo Child"
He died in 1990 after performing at a concert in Wisconsin.  He was on one of Eric Clapton's helicoptors which was headed from there to Chicago and crashed after takeoff.

Trivia Answer:  Ted Nugent.  I know...I didn't believe it either.  It's true.  Didn't he say he never took drugs?  Yeah, right.
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